or over 10 years, we have been interviewing profiles like yours, specializing in accessories: from students to senior professionals, team managers, creative or business directors. This has allowed us to get to know them well so that we can now guide you when conducting an interview.


e will explore and analyse, among other things, how you are perceived, which part of your career should be highlighted and to what extent you should go into certain aspects. We will advice you on what will enhance the interview and how to feel proud of who you are and what you have achieved but more importantly the potential you have and how you can contribute.

Are you considering an interview in Spanish or English but don't feel totally comfortable? We can do the whole process in English or Spanish, which will make you more fluent when the time comes.

Footwear & Bags
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We are not the standard consulting firm. 

We were created to provide an answer to the footwear and handbags sector after more than 20 years working in the field. We have in-depth knowledge of this industry and the level of specialization that is required,