e have an extensive international portfolio of freelance professionals specialised in footwear and handbags with experience in well-known brands. Profiles oriented to a complete product range: from luxury to fast fashion, trends, streetwear or commercial products, with a high creativity and conceptual vision or focused on sustainable products or certain markets.

Freelance collaborations are a professional relationship that is increasingly in demand as it allows access to candidates of the highest level in any corner of the world without an ongoing commitment.


he freedom and flexibility that this type of collaboration implies for both; brands and professionals, are perfect for facing specific challenges and in some cases they become long-lasting relationships.

Choosing the right freelancer fitting the characteristics of the project provides guarantee for success. We have the perfect candidate.

Footwear & Bags
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We are not the standard consulting firm. 

We were created to provide an answer to the footwear and handbags sector after more than 20 years working in the field. We have in-depth knowledge of this industry and the level of specialization that is required,