e can help you analyse your strengths so that you can show your talent through your C.V. and portfolio, which will also prepare you for future interviews. The impact of the first impression is key and a great opportunity to achieve your goals.

This involves an in-depth consultancy process that requires a minimum of two sessions for junior profiles and three for more experienced candidates. In our first meeting, you will have a comprehensive interview. In the following ones, we will help you explore and discover your strengths, so your cv and portfolio will reflect all of your abilities, making it a reflection of your personality and your capacity to contribute.


his process doesn’t consist on changing the format or reviewing the content of your cv, it takes a holistic approach. It will be an experience in which you actively participate in and which allows you to detect the aspects in which you could improve so you can be a more complete profile.

We can carry out this process in English or Spanish depending on the market you want to focus on.

Footwear & Bags
Meeting Point

We are not the standard consulting firm. 

We were created to provide an answer to the footwear and handbags sector after more than 20 years working in the field. We have in-depth knowledge of this industry and the level of specialization that is required,